Frequently Asked Questions

When will my shipment arrive?

Shipments are generally fulfilled within 1 to 2 days (not on weekends) via Priority Mail. Priority mail has a 2-3 day delivery time depending on your area, international takes longer. Tracking information will be provided within your shipment notification. We are not liable for any delays the postal service may encounter once we fulfill it. Delivery times are subject to the postal service and can be impacted by holidays or busy seasons.

How can I redeem the free trial month of the Mufasa APP service?

Each shipment comes with a printed sticker where you can write down your login information and this sticker also tells you how to redeem or extend. Please reply to your box order confirmation email to inquire about these things to get yourself set up!

How can I learn how to set-up or use my N7?

Please refer to our Tutorials page to watch video tutorials. This page will be updated as needed and we will also have written information as well. You must be signed in to your account. Click here for the information hub.

How can I get started as an affiliate?

Getting started is a quick and easy process.  Simply, click register, fill out your account details, agree to our privacy policy and terms, and automatically become an affiliate.  

You may start marketing with your affiliate links immediately.  To accept payment, be sure to fill out your payment details in your account.

For additional How To Videos, please see:

When can I expect commission payments from my sales?

Payments will be initiated once a week via Paypal payment method.

To ensure successful payments, make sure your payment method is set up with your correct email address. 

You may set your payment email by logging into your affiliate account, then navigate to profile, and then click “payout details”.  Enter your Paypal email address, and click “save changes”.

*Note – You must have a Paypal email address to accept payments. If you do not accept the payment within Paypal’s allotted time frame the payment will be lost/forfeited.

**NOTE: Although it should go without saying, you receive referrals on orders that OTHERS make using YOUR link. Affiliates do NOT receive commissions on their own purchases. Please see the commissions page for more details.

Where can I get my affiliate link?

  1. Login to your affiliate account (you must be registered as an affiliate)
  2. Navigate to any page you’d like to market with
  3. In the top bar, click “Get Referral Link”
  4. Copy and paste your link to wherever you’re posting to
  5. The top bar also supports sharing links on social media or by email.

You also have the option to generate referral links and QR codes inside your account page.  In your account page, navigate to “Marketing”, and click “Affiliate Links”.